About Us

Our journey


Saxton Trading Limited was established in 2011 with over 30 years of Construction experience. We saw the need in the industrial marketplace for cost effective replacement blades for tools. This was essentially an opening pathway to promote customer choice of 'Quality blades at affordable prices' within the whole-sale, construction and domestic market.


Offering a comprehensive range of in-stock products in different styles of packaging, from Blister-pack to individual sleeves, for a variety of applications is crucial to our customers to achieve the desired outcomes.

We are continuously reviewing our product range to develop and accommodate a variety of applications.


Securing products of a quality standard was paramount to us. Meetings with manufacturers far afield was an essential part of our journey to enable us to form business relations, to be selective in our products and to ensure that our vision of offering our customers the best at affordable prices which they can trust.


Getting your orders to you in a safe, secure, timely and cost-effect manner is vital to us.

We use a range of services to meet your preferences and needs.

Orders are packaged and dispatched by our dedicated team from our warehouse in the UK.

Customer Service

We value our customers, we listen and we deliver!

Customer satisfaction is our aim, offering a friendly and knowledgeable service when you need it.